custom print wall panel

Interior wall panel(cladding)

Similar as paneling outside, interior wall paneling also requires highly on durablity ,fire-retardancy and design options which leave people a “wow” moment.By our digital printing system,not only can you choose any pattern preferred, but also rely on the fact that you won’t sacrifice functionality for style.Both  melamine board and HPL bonded board could be digital printed.

Here are a few places you might not have thought of spicing up:
·Business Space
In personal office,waiting room,receptions area ,any wall could be customized.Your could use them to brand customers and employees would feel comfortable and at ease with soothing artwork.

·Home decoration
A personalized wall paneling show the unique tastes of owners.Love your kids? Put super heroes on the wall.Love art? Choose your favorite paintings.

Besides its hygienic character and anti-scratch feature, a HPL wall printed with designs are quite welcoming, such as smiley face in hallway or cartoon patterns in room for kids.

Besides, toilet wall(duct panel) and elevators wall could be installed with printed HPL as well.

1)How to install hpl on interior wall?

Digital print HPL bonded board is fixed to the wall with the help of reveal and trim.Concealed reveals is recommended to provide whole wall a neat and elegance template, as well as make installation quick and easy.

Digital print melamine board is installed with engineered tongue & groove fitting together to create a finerly patterns on wall.Finely designed chamfered reveal provides more visual options.

2) What are support materials used?

3) Can our panels applied on radius wall?

Yes, our digital print HPL bonded board gives flexibility from flatness to curved walls.Use postform laminate boards and horizontal spline which provides convex and concave curves with minimum 15’radius

5) Could hpl board applied on any type of wall panel ?
Yes,regardless of the type of wall material , hpl bonded sheet are applicable. Postform panels are not suggested on brick, concrete, foam concrete blocks or plasterboard

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