Digital print 101

Digital printing ,also named Inkjet printing ,transfers digital image onto substrates by ink-printing directly.It is widely applied in plastic,textile before while digital print on decor paper has developed and gains its popularity among these years.Unlike traditional screen printing decor ,digital printed decor paper could be customized with any patterns in high resolution without limitation in woodgrain and solid color.Digital decor is always  laminated with other paper,such as kraft paper on wood substrate like MDF, particleboard to make custom HPL/compact board,custom melamine impregnated board and so on.

digital printer

Our products 

digital print decor paper

Printed decor paper 

decor paper in custom design

digital print hpl

Printed HPL 

most widely used laminate , trend of HPL

digital print melamine board

Printed melamine board 

melaine board with customized design decor layer

Our feature 

·more than 30 different surface treatment,including mainstream satin,gloss,and matte

· MOQ starts from 5 pieces

· more than 200 designs are free to choose from

· sample leading time within 7 days normally.

· Free sample are provided for every new client 

· small order of woodgrain patterns are customized

· anti-abrasion decor paper and low formaldehyde board selected.More than 50 years life span with standard maintenance

· we cooperate with support material suppliers to provide edgebanding,installation hardware,etc

Get interested ?


Besides function-oriented, you always deserve a better chance to express your own tastes and needs both in living and working area with our digital print products                              

digital print hpl table


digital print compact cubile door

Toilet cubicle 

printed exterior wall panel




custom print molding door


digital print hpl bonded board


White paper 

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Project review 

MG wall cabinet hpl        liasion student hpl board      digital printing game board